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Whether you’re a professional real estate investor, like me and my husband Tarek, or you’re a homeowner with dreams of renovating to update and improve your house, having a quality home renovation team you can trust is absolutely essential. After all, even if you’re planning on doing some stuff yourself, you’re not going to be [...]

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By Shannon Ireland Buying home insurance for the first time is overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to go it alone. Before shopping for coverage, review these common insurance questions to make sure you’re armed with the knowledge to find the best policy for your needs. Do I need a policy before buying a home? Technically, [...]

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Planning to leave the workplace sometime in the next five to 10 years? Buying your retirement home now can pay off big in the long term, particularly if you’re going to get a mortgage. By making your move ASAP, you’ll be able to capitalize on today’s record-low interest rates. Earlier this month, rates on 30-year [...]

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The share of older renters has risen substantially over the past decade, with households aged 55 and over contributing 42 percent of renter household growth, according to a 2015 report by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University. That rate is expected to increase as more Baby Boomers retire. However, there are factors [...]

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Boosting your home’s value doesn’t have to mean a complete remodel. In fact, quite a few home improvement projects aren’t worth the effort if you’re hoping to quickly increase your home’s value. However, there are plenty of do-it-yourself projects you can accomplish with a few weekends of hard work. And don’t let the letters D-I-Y scare [...]

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When we look for a flip house for our real estate investing business, Tarek and I basically go through the same thought process that anyone goes through when they buy an investment property. Even though we’re working on a shorter timeline than most homeowners, the journey is essentially the same. Understanding our thoughts as we [...]

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It’s always exciting when you have the opportunity to redo a space that already has beautiful bones and a spacious layout. That doesn’t often happen, especially in a kitchen remodel. But with the good comes the bad, and this kitchen renovation is a perfect example. The bad came in the form of dated everything, from appliances [...]

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Few people spend time thinking about air rights – unless they’re in the New York City real estate scene, where developers can pay up to $300 per square foot for space over a low-rise building. Still, every homeowner should have a basic understanding of his or her rights to this space. Do you own the [...]

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